Jourdan Baldwin, a popular Denver fitness influencer,  seems to always be making moves in the local fitness community. Recently, I caught up with Jourdan. I was interested to know what she’s been up to since leaving, once revered, Pura Vida, where she had a devoted following. She has a new home, and I was happy to learn – she’s still kicking ass!. 

You can now find Jourdan at Vital Strength, on 8th, at Lincoln, in downtown Denver She’s running small group classes (no more than 4 peeps) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I was excited to take one of her new classes – which was awesome – and was of course still feeling three days later. Vital Strength has a very different vibe than Pura Vida – definitely more industrial and no-frills. This is where you get the work done. At noon on a Thursday, it was buzzing with lots of clients and trainers – plenty of good energy flowing. 

As I said, Vital is a place that’s serious about putting in the work. And with Jourdan, that’s exactly what you get. Our hour-long workout session had an emphasis on glutes and core. We did lots of stretching in our warm-up. Then Jourdan led us through a circuit of weights broken up by cool-down sets of abdominal and glute specific exercises. My favorite, although very challenging, was the hip thrusts where we used a machine I’ve never used before – you strap yourself in with a seat belt! 

I loved the combination of exercises Jourdan put together and, most importantly, she keeps the class light and fun – she’s just great to be around. This most definitely helps when the going gets tough! I will definitely be back for another ass-kicking super-fun hang with Jourdan. I’m glad she landed in a great spot and had such a great time catching up with her. I encourage anyone reading this to try a session with her and wish her continued success!