Finding this little studio in Cherry Creek, to me was like finding the hidden gem or being a part of a secret cult. The Studio seems to be coveted and other members don’t want everyone to know about this treasure. Sarah Fox, and other personal trainers popular at the once amazing club Pura Vida, have formed together to open up this new space for private sessions or noon group classes. Sarah teaches Wednesday afternoons. 

I brought a friend with me a few weeks ago to check out her class and was surprised at how many familiar faces I saw. It was like the old crew was back together. Sarah walked us through what we would be doing that day and both my friend and I were intimidated with the limited weight lifting experience we had. However, as we started the circuit and broke off into groups with three stations and about 4 people in each, we immediately felt at ease and started to enjoy the newness of the movements. Sarah was very accommodating and helped us with each unfamiliar exercise. She helped with setup, form and appropriate weight for each exercise. The class was also very welcoming and motivating with encouraging words and camaraderie. When we were done, my friend and I were both hooked and couldn’t wait to try the class again.

Anyone who is intimidated to work out in a weight room would love this class. Anyone looking to incorporate lifting into their weekly routine would love this class. Sarah mixes it up each week with new moves using different apparatus and she does an amazing job moving about 12 people around the limited space they have. I asked her what would happen when they outgrow their new space. This will be a reality. Don’t worry. They have a backup plan!