So much more than a climbing wall!

It looks like a climbing wall, but it is not. With your feet only a few inches off the ground, your heels hanging off and your fingers gripping a top rung, your body’s in “flight or fight mode”. All your muscles are activated. So, when you are exercising on the wall you are optimizing each movement by utilizing all of your muscles. 

Although there are live FitWall Instructors, you are led through the exercises with a tv screen that sits above your wall.  The instructors in the video show the proper form of the exercises and are doing them with you. They count you down as time elapses. The live instructor sometimes demonstrates the next exercise too and is there to help correct your form. You are led through a circuit of HIIT utilizing the wall and using bands, shelves, bars and other props off the wall – some that attach to the wall. 

What are the benefits of FitWall? Classes are shorter. 40 minutes and you feel like your time is maximized as you’re using all your muscles. When you’re on the wall, the movements are super low impact. You are holding yourself so that your spine is elongated – no real opportunity for compression – and you’re still working hard. 

The downside as I see it, to the FitWall franchise, is the instructors are limited to preprogrammed workouts. Which means a fair amount of time is spent off the wall. And, there is limited freedom for the instructor to augment or design their own workouts. I would like to see classes with more time spent on the wall. It’s also harder to connect with the instructor as you might in another group class.