I agree with this article in that you want to “sweat the small stuff”, meaning target smaller muscle groups like your Stabilizer muscles when you are working out. Although the examples of exercises you can do to work stabilizers are good, I thought the article was quite limited in the possibilities of movement.  Stabilizer muscles are extremely important to strengthen when you consistently target larger muscle groups and are doing the same type of workout repeatedly. Stabilizers, just like their name, help to stabilize larger muscle groups and hold your skeletal system in proper alignment for helping to maintain good posture.  They are also an integral part of helping to prevent injury when they are functioning optimally. 

Along with these examples, there are many other exercises you can do to focus on strengthening stabilizers. According to this article,, also about Stabilizer Muscles, but a little bit more depth, it is recommended that you work out using free weights versus always on a machine. This makes good sense. Just like the exercises in the first article, they are not limited to the same repetitive movement you would get on a machine. Machines offer repetitive movements and movements that hold the same plane whether up down or from side to side. Working with free weights or other props like a stability ball, you have much more freedom of movement and it requires more muscle groups working to help perform a specific exercise. 

Both articles, although not abundantly clear, are conveying that different types of movement are just as important as moving frequently. If you train daily but are always training in the same way, your body will get used to moving the same and targeting the same muscles. Just like diet, I believe exercise is similar in that you need to always switch it up and find ways to move differently.  If you do this, you can target new muscles and move them in different ways all the time. Or, if you really prefer a certain type of exercise, like spinning on a bike, combine it with other types of exercises targeting different muscles like Pilates and or weight training. Variety is the spice of life in more ways than one!