SoulCycle comes to Denver.

The minute you walk into SoulCycle you feel you’ve entered a movement. With bright yellow bikes and graphic accents and upbeat, chic instructors, SoulCycle offers a unique experience on every ride. The Spin Studio is dark and candlelit. Every class will offer amazing music, beautiful people, and a vigorous and inspiring ride. I always leave feeling ready to conquer the world. 

With just five instructors, each one brings a unique energy. Classes are designed to follow the music – it’s a pretty cool feeling when everyone is in synch. SoulCycle integrates an arm weight series making sure you can work your entire body. It’s short but effective. You get a good burn in your arms. One thing to note – when you arrive at your first class, make sure to check out the hand weights on your bike to ensure they’re appropriate for you. It’s a good idea to arrive early so you can set up and adjust your bike. The staff at Soul are super accommodating and sport bright yellow t-shirts making them easy to spot. 

There is a learning curve for spinning correctly. Although the exercise is low impact, and safe for most bodies, it is essential that you hold yourself back and over the seat with your core engaged when you come out of the seat. Not elongating your spine and engaging your core, could leave you with a sore low back. It’s also key to load your bike’s resistance. Especially when sprinting out of the seat. There is a misconception that lighter resistance is easier. I’d argue that lighter is way harder for stabilization. 

With the SoulCycle occupying the upper echelon of spin studios and all of their studios being in the most amazing locations, it’s not surprising they’re at the top of the heap when it comes to cost. Drop-ins are $28. Frankly, their model reminds me of a discount airline. They charge you for any and all “upgrades.” If you need to borrow spin shoes, that’ll be extra.  The music is really loud and I wear earplugs. They give you those for free. Keep in mind, even with earplugs, the music is loud. If you have sensitive ears like me try not to be under a speaker. One major downside is that being spontaneous is hard at SoulCycle. It’s common for there to be a waiting list at popular times and for popular instructors.

If you travel, chances are you will be able to keep up your SoulCycle practice. SoulCycle seems to be popping up everywhere. They have locations in most major cities. They even have a few locations in Canada with studios in Toronto and Vancouver.