The weather is warming and spring is soon upon us. Are you getting outside more to exercise? I’ve set a goal for myself which involves more running, so this article on BuzzFeed caught my eye.

It lists over 30 running products that people love. Some of these I’d like to try. Here are a few things I never leave home without:

1.Newton Running Shoes- They are a Colorado-based brand, I stumbled across their booth at the Bolder Boulder years ago, demoed a pair, and have been hooked ever since. They are designed to support gait and be more ergonomically correct. I have since tried other brands but always go back to Newtons.

2. The Rock my Run app for iPhone and headphones, of course. I reviewed this app a while back, here’s the link: It matches musical beats per minute to your running pace. It motivates you to move quicker and helps improve your time. 

 3. If it’s sunny a ball cap and/or my running glasses -they are tight-fitting and form to my face. The brand I’m using now is called Rudy Project. Find here:

 4. Also, on hotter days I wear a merino wool tank top and running shorts, both from Icebreaker. They are designed to keep you cool on even the hottest days and they absolutely work!

 5. I always wear sunscreen on my face and the brand I prefer is iS Clinical. I wear their Eclipse SPF 50+ clear face sunscreen. It’s super lightweight, goes on smooth, not oily and the active ingredients are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.

 The right equipment can make all the difference. Now get out there and enjoy the warmer weather!.