One of my pet peeves when running, is when you are listening to the perfect song that matches your tempo and then the next song on your playlist is a slower beat. I came up with an idea for a running app, where you could stream a music playlist to match the beat of running in real time. Well guess what, there’s already an app for that, and it’s pretty good!! It’s called RockMyRun.  I have used the program on several different occasions, and I am finding many benefits.  You can match music to your heartbeat and manually adjust the tempo. 

Some highlights to RockMyRun are: ad-free listening, being able to set preferences like type of music, activities you enjoy doing, (not limited to just running,) set performance levels based on minutes per mile and being able to store your favorite playlists as well as stream suggested playlists based on your style. 

RockMyRun offers real time motivation for runners that can help boost performance and enjoyment. So far, I have only used the app for running, but you could use it for any type of workout.  The song mixes are designed by professional DJ’s and the options are endless. Too bad they stole my idea, but I’m willing to pass on this little secret. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this app as much as I do!