I had the opportunity to take Nicole Martin’s Community Contrology class (online) at noon on Monday and what a different experience. It’s a class concept I had never been exposed to before, and just an awesome idea.

You utilize what you have. So for instance, if you have a reformer at home, you could use your reformer. Most clients were on the mat. You singularly run through the classical pilates exercise order and Nicole watches your practice and corrects your form along the way. Not knowing what I signed up for, I was immediately caught off guard. I needed to go deep into myself and channel the order of the exercises! It’s been a long time since I truly focused on the Pilates Advanced Mat order and flow.

At the beginning of the class, Nicole asked if we each had a goal for the days practice. Then with our goal in mind, she guided each of us through our self practice, initiating thought and feeling into every move. It was something I would definitely recommend – and soon!.

It was both mentally and physically challenging. If you’re like me, and worry about forgetting the exercise order, don’t let that intimidate you. Nicole is there gently reminding you what’s next. She might even throw something brand new at you. 

If you’ve never done Pilates before, this is not the class for you. You need to have enough base knowledge of the Pilates method to guide yourself through.

Nicole is amazing to work with. Her personality and spunkiness are contagious and her love of the method is obvious in everything she does during class. I was lucky enough to meet her and work with her for a brief time at Pilates Bodies before she relocated to California.

Nicole has experience working with a spectrum of clients – athletes, all ages and body types/issues. If you have been practicing Pilates for a while and are inspired to dive deeper, this class is for you. You can sign up here:https://www.ritualpilates.com/  You will learn something new about an exercise you’ve done a million times!