Hi, I’m Laura!

Welcome to the Fitness Skinny! I’m glad you’re here. As a Pilates instructor, I started out exploring fitness trends as part of my own quest to educate myself and bring new movement and fresh thinking to my classes.

If there’s a chance to be first in line to try a new fitness class, I’ll take it! I love stepping out of my comfort zone. The Fitness Skinny is my way to document my personal fitness journey and then share what I’ve learned.

The goal is simple – try new workouts and then write reviews that document my experience while hopefully providing some value to anyone who’s interested. 

Being a Pilates Instructor for more than 16 years and being active in the fitness community, my hope is that this blog can add to the conversation by providing my take on current fitness offerings while also providing links to interesting articles, recipes and resources for optimizing health, workouts that you can do from anywhere, especially when traveling, and even new workouts to try abroad.

I also plan to conduct a continuing series of interviews where I learn from the people leading the charge, creating the newest fitness trends.  I hope you’ll join me and enjoy the journey too.