Arielle, a friend, and colleague of mine teaches an incredible Pilates Mat class. I’ve had the pleasure of taking her classes several times and just did one virtually through Zoom. Her Mat classes cater to all levels but are challenging for everyone. She has an uncanny way of connecting every muscle targeted to the specific exercise. I am always sore the next day – in a good way. She’s also good at correcting form. If she sees something that you could be doing better, she will make sure to point it out, every time, even virtually. 

Her classes are fun and lighthearted. She brings humor into her classes when you need it most. The last class I took, was a perfect way to detach from what’s going on in the outside world. I was able to stay present for the entire class, yet check out from anything distracting around me. It was the perfect way to start my day. 

Arielle’s background and Pilates training are unique too. She’s one of a few Pilates Instructors in Denver that has been trained through the Romana method of training. Romana Kryzanowska started her Pilates career after being a student of Joseph Pilates. As you can imagine, Romana Pilates training is very close to the original teaching method.  

Arielle’s knowledge and understanding of the method are apparent in every class she teaches. Her classes are unique and creative. No two classes are ever the same. I encourage you to try one of Arielle’s virtual classes. You can find her schedule on her new website: