I recently had the pleasure of training with Jourdan in her brand new space, KALO!  I’ve been following this girl’s career ever since we met at PuraVida. She’s a top fitness influencer in the Denver area and I’m always curious about what she’ll do next.  Jourdan has a contagious energy you just want to be around! One key to her success I’m sure.

So, about KALO. KALO is a small group training and private session fitness concept Jourdan developed and launched with her partner, Niccole Hendrickson.  KALO, based on the word kalon, meaning beauty is more than just skin deep, was launched in early July. Even with a launch in the middle of the pandemic, with her dedicated client base and killer work ethic, KALO is a success already. I was lucky to get in for a session!

When I showed up, Jourdan was hard at work training a small group of clients and I had the opportunity to watch for a few minutes as she led her clients through a cool down while sharing some tips on how to stay motivated throughout the coming week. The small group of four were all smiling, having enjoyed the session and their time with Jourdan. 

When I scheduled, Jourdan asked if there was anything I’d like to focus on, and I told her I wanted to focus on some upper body work – arms specifically.  She didn’t skip a beat and had a whole program whipped up  and we quickly got to work starting with  a creative sequence of exercises working the whole body, but with an emphasis on arms as requested. We moved through the entire space integrating almost all of the equipment. She took me through a series of exercises that we would ultimately repeat four times, then we moved through another series of exercises, four times again. I really liked everything she had me do. It was all new and unique. It was definitely challenging and I was immediately breathing heavy, but it felt great. The workout incorporated full body movements complete with a warm up, cool down, cardio and breath-work.

The space is awesome. It’s small, but perfect for groups of 4 and privates. The studio is clean and bright with tons of natural light. Words like “trust the process” highlighted in bright pink on the wall are scattered throughout the studio – little reminders to stay connected mentally, just as much as physically. The studio feels motivating, energizing and warm. You want to be there. It’s smart. I see a concept like this, being sustainable in our ever changing fitness community – pandemic or not. I believe the emphasis on small group training and privates is becoming more and more desirable and the allure of big-box gyms waining. It’s apparent that they’re on to something – and are on top of their clients needs, pivoting through these challenging times to provide  effective workouts. Through, KALO, they can safely continue to push clients to be the very best versions of themselves. I loved it. I’ll be back for sure!