I just finished a 10 minute core tabata with KALO virtual that was fire. KALO is a small group training studio that is now live with virtual workouts and I am loving them. So far I’ve only done a few, but  I’m eager to try more. The options are endless. Jourdan and Niccole, the co-owners of KALO guide you through different programs that incorporate breathing, mobility, bodyweight exercises, focus on lower body, upper body and total body. 

Once you’re a member, you have access to tools like a workout calendar where you can pick up a daily routine, or you can choose from workouts that have a different emphasis. They offer access to articles and reviews on equipment, smart recipes and interesting pre and post workout tips. The content is vast and it continues to grow daily. Every time I am on KALO fitness, I learn or see something new. 

With times that are constantly changing in the fitness industry with everyone trying to navigate the world in the safest way possible, offering a virtual program is really important. But, having a quality program is equally important and I feel KALO offers just that. Visit http://kalofitness.com/.