Fierce45 is making a presence in Colorado with a recent studio opening, all together for a total of eight studios so far.

I wanted to ask Torrey, the owner and creator about how Fierce45 got its start and I was surprised to learn that FierceMovement and the FierceFormer are trademarked and different from Lagree. Here is what I was able to find out: 

Q: When did you try the Lagree Method for the first time and what made you want to start a career teaching it? 

A: I took a class at SLT in NYC in 2010 and the light bulbs really went off in 2014 after I had quit my job. I had been a runner and yogi and thought I was strong but my body has never felt stronger than it is now! We opened at first as a Lagree studio in 2015 and are no longer. We have created our own methodology, machines, training and more. We offer FierceMovement (TM) on our very own FierceFormer (TM) machines.

Q: Torrey, when you opened your first Fierce45 location, what was your vision? Did you see yourself opening other locations?  

A: Yes! I went into this whole thing hoping to create a household brand name nation-wide!

Q: The atmosphere of Firece45 locations are really cool and edgy. How did you come up with the concept of your design?  

A: THANK YOU! I love design so that part is fun for me. I wanted it to be clean and simple and not distract from the workout.

Q: Some Pilates enthusiasts would say that the Lagree Method is not Pilates, how would you respond to that idea? 

A: I would agree! Lagree is its own sort of take on resistance/spring-based movement as is FierceMovement – which is also different from Lagree. Contemporary Pilates or High Intensity Pilates is very different from traditional Pilates – it’s all just an evolution.

Q: I noticed that starting next year, you will be offering franchise opportunities. That’s awesome!! Do you see this vision expanding outside of Colorado?  

A: Yes – the goal is national and international expansion!

Q: Hope you don’t mind me getting personal, but being a mom and a very successful business owner, how do you balance your busy schedule? 

A: It’s not easy! I have a great team of support to help me every day. My fierce team and my nanny and husband are my rocks.

Q: For people wanting to try Fierce for the first time and have avoided it because they are too intimidated, what would you tell them?  

A: Don’t be scared! It is tough but safe. It actually is much safer than many other forms of fitness. We also offer options to modify everything in every class. In addition, people can always start with private classes or get a FREE 25-minute consult prior to their first class. 

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