Teddi B’s Fusion class is addictive.

I’ve had the opportunity to go twice and can’t wait to go back. Her class is a combination of dance movements incorporating bands, weights and HIIT designed to target problem areas, specifically for women. Her classes draw in an impressive community of badass women, all working out together, with a healthy dose of laughter. I found myself displaying the most obvious permagrin both times. It’s difficult for sure, but so fun. Each class’ series of movements is completely different. After taking her class the first time I was so sore I had trouble walking – curse you curtsy lunges!! 

As for Teddi, how do you sum up such a big personality? She exudes cool in all she does. Who else would you find leading a class in combat boots? Teddi’s style, flare, moves and energy are extremely contagious. She is a DJ, fashionista, fitness instructor, studio owner extraordinaire! A total inspiration. 

Her studio is big, well lit and inviting.  She’s added touches like a chandelier, disco balls, animal print and black and white accents. It’s a room you want to spend an hour in. Her retail space is equally awesome with the coolest trends in brands and products.

Her two classes on Friday mornings, 9:30am and 10:30am, are full. I’m guessing she added these back to back because people were having a hard time getting into her first one. She teaches other classes throughout the week too. You can check out her schedule at hotmamasexercise.com 

If you are looking for a workout that is exciting, different and nothing like you’ve tried before, run; don’t walk over to Hot Mamas and check out Teddi B!