You’ll love the vibe of Fierce45 studios.

The concrete, steel, loft-like exposed ceilings, and brick feels very urban and edgy. The music they play is loud and definitely “pumps you up.” The walls are creatively named (my fave: Badass Wall) so that you can orient yourself during class. Every machine has a chalkboard in front of it so that you can set an intention and write it down. The machines themselves are something to marvel over. 

The workout is a combination of movements done on Fierce’s trademarked version of the Megaformer – a Pilates-reformer-style apparatus on steroids. Fierce45 classes employ their own proprietary choreography– which sets them apart from the Lagree method. I was able to interview Torrey Newman the owner and creator.

The class is super fun and challenging too. The class is only a 45-minute class, but you never stop moving. If you are a newbie to Fierce45, there is an opportunity to do a private or set up a consultation, 25 minutes prior to your first class. The instructors are there to make you feel safe and guide you through the entire 45 minutes. They will also suggest thoughtful modifications if something is not working for your body. The more you do it, the better you get. The resistance is spring-based and you can easily control how much tension the machine delivers. 

Anyone that likes to move to the beat and work hard would enjoy this class. Anyone looking to maximize their workouts in a short amount of time would probably really like this class. It’s a challenge physically – and mentally.