Because attending a class in person is not an option right now, and central to the reviews I do, I was delighted when a friend who owns a dance studio in Chicago suggested I review one of her classes. I can do that now – virtually!  Dance Forever was created to enable adults to continue practicing their passion for dance. I signed up to take “Flash Dance” with Jessica on a Friday afternoon. When I joined, Jessica was very welcoming and happy to have someone joining all the way from Denver. 

The class started with a warm-up of stretches and core-specific exercises. Then Jessica showed us the dance moves we’d use during the class. She demonstrated using a slow song so she could break down the movements.  There were roughly 4 parts to the dance sequence. She showed us each part individually and then we put the whole sequence together. Once we had the sequence down we would dance the routine in its entirety with an ever-increasing tempo. Essentially it kept getting harder!  I must admit I was lost after the first demo, but I kept after it.

Just when I thought I had it, it would all fall apart. It occurred to me that the more I thought about it the worse things went. If I let my mind be quiet and just move with the beat, I was better. That is hard for me to do. When class was over and I had an opportunity to check in with Jessica, she told me it would get easier the more I do it. So, I’ll definitely have to try it again. It’s inspiring. I would love to have moves like her!

Despite my shortcomings, I really enjoyed the class. The music was amazing, the dance was fun and I loved Jessica’s energy. It was a nice way to sail into the weekend. Anyone who likes to dance and get their groove on would love this class. Anyone aspiring to be a good dancer would enjoy it too. I say try it!! If it’s too intimidating just turn your video off – although that sort of ruins the community aspect – at least right now. It’s a fun class and a great opportunity while it’s being taught virtually. One of the silver linings to the current state of things – you can take a class taught by anyone any place around the world!