CoreAlign is one of a kind Pilates apparatus that gets you out of your comfort zone and vertical while practicing the same Pilates philosophies.

Facing a stable ladder and standing on two moving plates, you immediately feel your core turn on for stabilization. It challenges you mentally and physically. It makes you more aware of the symmetry of your body and if you have imbalances. The dominant and weaker areas of your body become obvious.  

CoreAlign was developed by Johnathan Hoffman, a physical therapist, that developed a prototype after having his clients standing on skateboards rigged with therabands. He needed a better way to target clients’ gate patterns and the CoreAlign evolved. I was able to interview Carrie Lamb, a physical therapist and master trainer of the CoreAlign in Denver who utilizes the CoreAlign in her practice and puts most of her clients on the machine. She has some amazing insight on who could benefit from the CoreAlign and how the CoreAlign is different from the classical Pilates apparatus. I hope you have the time to check it out. 

CoreAlign is appropriate for all bodies and everyone could stand to reap the benefits of what CoreAlign provides. If a client is working through injuries, I would recommend starting with private lessons so that the instructor can address those specific issues. If you want to find CoreAlign classes in Denver, you will need to find a studio that offers group lessons. Pilates Bodies is one of the few studios to offer group classes. Check out their schedule at 

If you are looking for something to integrate into your workout routine that is like nothing you have done before, CoreAlign just might be what you are seeking. It is a perfect complement to an active lifestyle or someone looking to rehab something.