A unique form of cardio that brings out the kid in you. 

Bounce + Barre is a challenging, energetic, cardio class using the Rebounder, (a mini-trampoline). I was hesitant to try this class because of the memes circulating on social media. The good news is, no one is looking at you.

What I loved was that it was fast-paced, energizing, fun and not entirely jumping. Christa, the instructor, did an amazing job of mixing it up so we spent about 15-minute intervals bouncing and then the rest of the time she mixed in weights for arms and barre exercises for legs. No matter the movement, it was a challenging class and you could feel muscles burning (especially bouncing). 

Before class, Christa demonstrated proper form on the rebounder and what you quickly learn is that most bouncing is done in a squat position. This provides more of a glute and core targeted workout. I liked that after bouncing for about 15 minutes, Christa instructed us to stand upright and just bounce as a cool down. The bouncing was choreographed, and we added the upper body in with the lower body and integrated moves like boxing, hand weights for arms, kicking, and oblique twists. The class was an hour, but it moved quickly. 

If it’s your first time bouncing, it’s a little intimidating.  The trampoline sits a few inches off the ground, so I was a little nervous about moving too quickly. But I acclimated. I think, over time, you’d naturally dial in the technique. I needed to modify the arm series. We were in a forearm plank on the trampoline and while holding that position we did single arm weights. I felt a lot of tension on my supporting elbow to the point of it hurting. I could set up on a mat next time for a better result.