If someone tells me they don’t like yoga, I think to myself, “well, they’ve never tried Billy Yoga!”

 There are several factors that make Billy’s classes uniquely different from any other yoga class. First, he remembers you! By name! He also combines Kundalini in his vinyasa flow offering up a whole other mental and physical – and spiritual – challenge.

After some transitions and following him to different locations, he has landed in a new home Yoga Pod Lowry. Yoga Pod Lowry is a special space. The staff and the owner Andi try to create an experience that is all encompassing.

 What I love about the class, is that it is hard both mentally and physically. I can’t do everything. But it’s Billy’s message that really send it over the top. There will always be a new level of discomfort – that you have to push through. Billy gives you the tools, by helping you go deep within yourself to find the strength. With exercises that incorporate meditation, breathing and sometimes chanting, you leave class feeling worked and empowered at the same time. The class is done under infrared heat so you’re definitely getting your sweat on. Surprisingly, it feels like you detox more than you would in a normal heated yoga class.

 If you are up for an amazing yoga workout and to dive deeper in to your spiritual practice, I encourage you to try a class with Billy Yoga. He teaches Vinyassa Flow Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12. Check out his other classes at www.yogapod.com/lowry. He also does light coaching and organizes the most amazing retreats. All can be found on his website.