The most awesome of duos!

If this most unlikely pairing hasn’t caught on yet, it sure will!  Two amazing fitness gurus, Teddi B and Billy Yoga have partnered up to offer Kick Your Asana at 8:30 am on Wednesdays at Hot Mamas Exercise.  

Owned by Teddi B, Hot Mamas Exercise has been an institution in the Washington Park area of Denver. Recently the studio moved to an incredible space on the corner of Colfax and York. With amazing street presence, bumping music, child-care and convenient times and a variety of classes, there’s no excuse not to get your butt over there. 

I had the privilege of taking the first class taught by Billy last week and I can tell you it is a match made in heaven. Billy’s yoga is extremely challenging in a way that you find yourself coming back for more. The challenges he throws at you are sometimes impossible to do, yet you feel compelled to try them again and again. His flow is unique because he combines Kundalini and Vinyasa. In most classes, he incorporates some kind of breathwork. No two of Billy’s classes are the same and he has a way of making each yoga class you attend feel like your first. For more on Billy Yoga or Hot Mamas, check out the reviews I did on them.