I’ve been all-in on this virtual boot camp for almost two months. I started in June and nervously signed up for July. Nervously because, you guys, it’s hard!! However, despite every class almost killing me, there is something surprisingly addicting about it. It leaves you wanting more. And as challenging as it feels doing it, you feel on top of the world after. Teddi has spent years of specializing in training women and sculpting a woman’s body in all the right ways to have an amazing feminine but strong physique. Teddi has been able to come up with an extremely effective system. No two workouts are alike. 

The rule of three provides more effectiveness with every class. Targeting certain muscle groups in a series of exercises, be prepared to do it again, slightly different, two more times. You can kind of predict what is coming next, but there is always a twist. 

“Oh, hold that at the bottom now and pulse it out,” Teddi will say, as your face starts feeling flush and you are cursing at her and laughing because no one can hear you. 

There have been numerous times where I’m grunting, making lots of other weird sounds, jumping around, and creating enough noise where my husband will come check on me to make sure  I’m ok. 

After several discussions with the handful of friends I’ve enlisted to join me, we all agree, there is something mysterious about wanting to endure her class yet again. Her spunkiness, enthusiasm, music, energy is all inspiring. And if looking at her svelte body, six-pack and perky butt isn’t motivation enough, her personality will keep you engaged through the whole class. 

Ladies, I’d argue that I haven’t been able to find a better workout designed to tone a woman’s body as Teddi’s class. I hope this will motivate you to check it out and join me in August’s Bikini Bootcamp. Oh, and don’t let the fact that she’s teaching virtually discourage you! She is able to watch everyone’s form and make corrections because the group classes are small enough that she is able to make each class feel very individualized.