Seeing AKT open in Cherry Creek, I was excited to try a class.

Combining four different classes – Bands, Dance, Circuit and Tone – AKT is really more like a fitness program. Each class has a specific focus, so when you take a combination of classes over the course of a week, you are maximizing your time while getting a total body workout – cardio and strength.

I’ve only tried the Dance class but plan to try them all. I am not a dancer, but the movements were broken down in a way so that I felt like I could follow, get a good cardio workout and not feel lost the whole time. 

The dance class was broken up into intervals. The way the class was structured made it move fast – I was surprised when it was over. We moved between dance series, breaking it up with arm and leg workouts. Every three weeks the classes are refreshed. So, if you take a dance class within the same 3 weeks, you will be practicing the same routine. 

Holly’s noon class on Wednesdays was my first experience with AKT.  I loved the vibe of the studio and Holly was awesome. Holly’s energy was contagious and the freedom of movement just felt good. The studio’s lighting is club-like – it really makes you want to dance. I want to try the Band class next. 

If you have a passion for dance but worry that you’re not particularly good at it, this class is for you! It wasn’t at all intimidating. Holly made me feel completely at ease, not to mention no one was watching me, everyone is focused on moving together.